South Puget Sound

South Puget Sound including Eld Inlet and Budd Inlet include Staurophora mertensi, Polyorchis pencillatus, Cyanea capillata, Aurelia auritia, Phacellophora camtschatica, and Aequorea Victoria.

Of all the jellyfish in Puget Sound, Red Eye Medusae have been rarely spotted in the open waters of South Puget Sound. Usually the Red Eye Medusa lives in eel grass.

The previous year there have been Moon Jellies that were usually 5-15cm (smaller than usual) in diameter, maybe because of how cold the waters of South Puget Sound have been. Because the cold water effects the size and population of the Lion's Mane Jellyfish that usually lives in the artic waters, maybe the water in South Puget Sound was colder than usual in 2011.

Extra Facts About All Jellyfish in Puget Sound

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Puget Sound Region

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Lots of people say that "The Portuguese Man Of War (Physalia physalis) is the most venomous jellyfish on the planet,. Actually that is not true. It is a cnidarian so it is venomous to people, but this creature is not even a jellyfish. The correct answer to this question is the Sea Wasp (Chironex flekeri in the cubozoan class).

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These jellies are in Puget Sound.

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